Committee Descriptions


The Executive Committee is comprised of Board Members. It is composed of the Chairman of the Board, Immediate Past Chairman, Chairman-Elect, Chief Financial Officer, President/Chief Executive Officer and up to two (2) members of the Board of Directors that are appointed by the Chairman of the Board and approved by the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee shall assist and advise the Chairman and it shall be vested with the powers of authority as are delegated to it by the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee may act for the Board of Directors when the Board is not in session, but it shall be accountable to the Board of any action taken.


The Finance Committee is comprised of Board Members. It is composed of the Chairman of the Board, Chief Financial Officer, Chairman-Elect and a minimum of one (1) additional member of the Board of Directors. The Finance/Audit Committee should take an active role in the prevention and deterrence of fraud and an effective ethics and compliance program. It is responsible for reviewing draft audited financial statements and management letter comments as well as the implementation of such comments as deemed necessary. The Finance/Audit Committee shall meet as deemed necessary, but no less than two (2) times per year.


The Business Legislative Advocacy Council is comprised by one (1) officer and two board members and members that are interested in representing the interest of business with government. The committee is charged with an ongoing effort to educate, engage, inform and provide resources to the business community. Each month the Business Legislative Advocacy Council connects Legislative Representatives and interested business community members on a monthly basis. Meetings are held at 3:30 p.m. on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at Indio Chamber of Commerce conference room.

EVENTS COMMITTEE Standing Committee

The Events Committee shall consist of a minimum of one (1) officer, 2 (two) Board Members and Chamber members that are interested in promoting the activities of the Chamber. The Events Committee shall meet as deemed necessary, but no less than six (6) times per year. The committee’s responsibilities include assisting at the Southwest Arts Festival® creating innovative events and activities which engage Chamber members and the community.


The Nominating Committee is comprised of Board Members and acts under the governance of the Indio Chamber of Commerce. The Nominating Committee is convened each February to review individual directors and to determine if directors at the end of their terms should be recommended for re-election. At the March Board Meeting the Nominating Committee Members recommends for approval candidates for election to one (1) three (3) year term.


The Accreditation Committee is assembled to assist in meeting prerequisite requirements for gaining Accreditation from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a prestigious honor that distinguishes the high quality, expertise and strong leadership. This committee works diligently on nine areas, including: Governance, Finance, Human Resources, Government Affairs, Program Development, Technology, Communication, Facilities and Benchmarking.


Emerging Professional Ambassador (EPA) Committee is comprised of chamber members who volunteer to be representatives of the Chamber to the business and residential community. EPA’s meet & greet at all Chamber events and are assigned to multiple activities throughout the year. They provide a number of important functions that include welcoming new members into the Chamber, providing a point of contact for current members and responding to member questions on how best to utilize and access the many benefits of Chamber membership. Welcoming smiles, hearty handshakes and cheerful personalities are a prerequisite to being a Chamber Emerging Professional Ambassador.

GOLF COMMITTEE Ad-Hoc/Temporary Committee

The Golf Committee convenes each January to plan and executes the Chamber’s Annual Golf Tournament and Fundraiser. Responsibilities include securing location, sponsorships, golfers, prizes, swag bag items and games. The Golf Committee is also responsible to actively recruit event volunteers and to assist the day of the fundraiser.

TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE Ad-Hoc/Temporary Committee

The Technology Committee assists in aiding staff in all technological aspects of the chamber organization, such as office computer and network system and website development. Members of this committee are required to constantly evaluate the growing needs of the Chamber’s technology to ensure that all computer systems are working efficiently and its virtual presence is adequate.

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Note: Standing committees are created for the purpose of carrying out the long-term purposes of implementing and establishing the Chamber’s mission. The term as chair of a committee, regardless of method of appointment, shall be for a twelve (12) month period from July 1 to June 30 or any part of the activity year.

Ad-Hoc committees are appointed by the Chairman of the Board with approval of the Board for special purpose projects not covered by the activities of a “standing” committee. An ad-hoc/temporary committee’s purpose and membership shall be reviewed by each new succeeding Chairman of the Board, and the same may be confirmed, modified or abolished.